with Dean Lindsay, America's Progress Agent, as our Master of Ceremonies!

Attend this mega event to get the top strategies for achieving results. Half way through the year is a good time to review what you’ve done with your goals and develop a plan with new techniques. A plan often elicits the massive action required to kick-start the transformation from dream to goal. You’ll be motivated through presentations on sales, profits, partnership, results, performance, personal development, business, money and so much more!

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Gary Dahse

Business Entrepreneur


Tell Me What To Do! How to Build a Strategic Plan for Your Life

Discover an operating system for your life with a proven process that works.

A Detailed Road Map to:

Financial Security * Emotional Awareness * Spiritual Maturity * Joy!

“It makes no difference if you’re 17 or 70. You can always learn from your experiences of the past to enhance your future.”


Gary F. Dahse has 35 years’ experience in consulting and motivational training. Gary has taken cutting edge thought leadership in the field of contemporary moral psychology and created a simple, straightforward “how it works” methodology with immediate added value to human transformation enterprises – cultural, organizational, group and individual. The insightful content of this presentation points the audience, who has the courage to engage the journey of self-discovery, beyond themselves to self-actualization solutions. The method has demonstrated cross-cultural utility. Stated simply, his five-stage model from self-awareness to spiritual maturity is clearly aligned with the rich body of successful personal transformation.

Kathy Hedrick

Business Intellect


What’s Your Point?

Kathy Hedrick has been asking audiences globally, What’s the Point?  What is your point for getting out of bed in the morning, for wanting to achieve success and are you living in your passion.  Passion translates to our personal and professional lives.  During her insightful presentation, Kathy will share her most important principles to help you achieve the highest level of success by asking the right questions and helps define the  road map by knowing why you do what you do.  Then she guides you on how to be committed to getting what you want.

James Mapes



Imagine That! Igniting Your Brain for Creativity and Peak Performance

James Mapes, speaker, best-selling author, clinical hypnotist and actor. Mapes is recognized for his ability to inspire, motivate and educate. In this cutting-edge, practical and entertaining program, James captures and holds the audience’s attention with dynamic, compelling stories and inter-active demonstrations that leave no doubt that you can achieve what you imagine. An extraordinary speaker for the uncertainty of 2018, James Mapes defies categorization. When philanthropist/Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen quizzed Mapes as to how one person could do so much during his life, James’ answer was simple: “Because no one told me I couldn’t.”


#1 Results Speaker


Get it Done: Real Results with Velocity!

Diane Consolino has a rich and diverse background. After graduating from the University of Minnesota and attending the University of Minnesota Graduate Program of Long Term Care and Management, she started her career in the Healthcare Industry. She successfully worked with a culturally diverse staff to improve workflow, productivity and care through innovative programs and process re-engineering. Diane understands that your future depends on your ability to perform. Action is the key to your success. All the planning, prepping and “thinking about” will never give you the results you desire unless you move into action. In “Get It Done: Real Results with Velocity,” you will be challenged and inspired to take action so that you can achieve results with velocity. Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that you are moving forward in achieving your biggest goals… now that is the way to live!

Rich Allen



The Ultimate Business Tune Up
A Powerful Model to Failure-Proof Your Business

Here’s a scary statistic – 7 out of 10 small businesses fail within their first 10 years! It destroys dreams, kills self-esteem, and ruins families. Rich is on a mission to change this statistic! Rich will share his personal story about watching his dad struggle in his business until the day he died, which is why he is driven to help business owners failure-proof their business. Rich has developed and proven a simple yet powerful model that small business owners can use to FOCUS their efforts on what matters most in their business.Rich will take a fresh, unique approach to explaining how a business actually works – and he will use a bicycle to demonstrate this powerful metaphor. He will share with you how the bicycle relates to your business and how you can “tune-up” your business just as you would a bicycle.Once you experience Rich’s unique presentation you will never look at a bicycle – or your business – in the same way. You’ll understand exactly what you need to do to grow, improve and failure-proof your business.

Jeffrey Sterling MD



72 Hours Life: Using Efficiency to Better Enjoy Every Part of Your Life

Jeffrey E. Sterling, MD, MPH, often finds himself with a little more extra time than everyone else—forty-eight hours a day, to be exact! Now Dr. Sterling shares his brilliant and easy-to-follow steps to increase efficiency. In this presentation Dr. Sterling shares invaluable insight into the concept of “five-minute efficiency,” or breaking down daily tasks into smaller, more accomplishable tasks. Not only does this give you a sense of accomplishment, but it propels you forward into greater productivity. Along with examples, Dr. Sterling provides detailed descriptions on how to become better organized, how to be not only more prolific but also more effective, and how to master these skills for all future endeavors. Whether you are struggling with professional, financial, or relationship time-management issues, There Are 72 Hours in a Day: Using Efficiency to Better Enjoy Every Part of Your Life will teach you easy-to-use techniques that will become part of your daily life. Find more time for the activities you want to pursue. Transform your philosophy on life, and begin living your days to their fullest. Soon you’ll wonder what to do with all the extra time you’ll have on your hands.

Makaila Nichols



Blatantly Honest – You are Your Own PR Manager

Whether you are an employee, manager or executive what you do on social media effects your career. Recently under the wake of all the sexual harassment suits, it has become imperative to pay attention to what you are doing and saying in the public eye. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, grandparent, pastor, help the teens in your life be confident in their surroundings, know who they can trust and building a relationship of communication. Makaila is a National Ambassador for the Great American NO Bull Challenge, an organization which addresses bullying in school systems throughout the county. Every action you take and things you say will effect someone.

Katerina Cozias

Media Expert


Media Mindset Mastery; How to Use Communication and Charisma to Unleash Your Infinite Potential

Discover how to become a recognized expert in your industry by learning to leverage not only the media, but your own internal media mindset. Imagine walking into any room with the same levels of confidence and charisma exhibited by your favorite on-air TV personalities. Do you have what it takes to own a space? Absolutely! With experience both on-camera and off, Hollywood based Media Expert and author of the book Rising up from Mental Slavery; How to Unleash your Infinite Potential Katerina Cozias knows that no matter what field you’re in, excellence in communication really does make all the difference when it comes to achieving success in business. As a recognized leader in her field of media and presenting, Katerina has perfected the art of communication and engages her audiences to take action. Master your media mindset, demand excellence of yourself, and get ready to soar!

Lee Ann Piano



Learn to live a No Limits life! It’s time to do more, see more and be more. Discover what is limiting you from living at full capacity. When you live with more success and satisfaction, you are able to deposit more value into others.

Those who are successful work well with others. Life is about dreaming, doing and enjoying the process.

Your dreams are within reach and you can overcome the obstacles standing in your way.


Karen Lucchesi



FORMULA FOR SUCCESS: Faith, Passion and Determination equals your Life’s Vision

No one achieves success overnight. Every successful person first has had to go through challenges. They have had to learn to develop the skill of faith. We must believe that things are working out for our good. Without that belief, it is hard to have faith when life is hard. Without faith, it is hard to maintain a peaceful mind when challenges arise. Karen had challenges arise. Right before her plan for earlier retirement and selling her spa and wellness center, she was accused and convicted of a crime she did not commit. Karen tells her story in her new book Innocent Woman, The Karen Lucchesi Story.

FAITH: Knowing who you are and what you stand for is critical. No one achieves success overnight. PASSION:Gets you through anything and everything When times get tough in your personal or professional life, will you dig deeper and manage the crisis or surrender to circumstances? DETERMINATION:To succeed in life you have to be determined and focused on what you want to achieve.

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